All about buying a second hand used stairlift in Ireland.

If budget is a factor when buying a stairlift, then sometimes it is better to get a used stairlift. Second hand stair lifts can work out much cheaper than new ones but this is well and good if you go the right way about buying one.

You can buy used stairlifts on DoneDeal and most other selling sites, the prices can range from anywhere to several hundred to a thousand euros for a standard secondhand stair lift.

There’s a lot of risk buying a second hand stairlift and we’ll explain more further in this post.

Are You Looking To Buy a Used / Secondhand Stairlift?

Buying The Stairlift Privately

Apart from requiring training to safely install a stairlift, it’s not advised to buy a stairlift privately. There’s many factors to consider when purchasing a second hand stairlift, and these are:

  • Is the brand of stairlift reliable?
  • Do you know how to remove it properly without damaging the main drive unit? Many don’t and they end up taking the stairlift off the stairs while still attached to the rail. This can cause severe damage to the unit.
  • Are the batteries worn out on the stairlift?
  • Is the rail too long or too short for the new stairs?

But without taking into account the items from above, are you really willing to let your loved one sit on a stairlift that’s been installed by somebody that doesn’t know what they are doing? More often than not, you can end up swapping safety for a few hundred euro savings.

Buying a Reconditioned Stairlift From a Company

When you buy a stairlift from a reputable stairlift company, you are ensuring that someone who knows what they are doing is providing you with a reconditioned stairlift that suits the needs of the user. There are a few reconditioned stair lift companies in Ireland that provide decent quality used stairlifts, so by choosing one of them you are getting peace of mind and a good quality product. Of course, give us a call first before our competitors 🙂

Sometimes referred to as reconditioned chairlifts, our range of stair lifts come with a full warranty and installation by someone who’s been fully trained on stairlifts. We only offer two main brands of secondhand stairlifts which are ThyssenKrupp and Acorn. If we’re not confident about a certain brand of lift, we won’t touch it.

What’s The Difference Between Reconditioned & Used Stair Lifts?

So simply put, used stairlifts are lifts that have been pulled out of a house and moved to a new home. They are literally classed as second hand or used chair lifts.

On the other hand, reconditioned stairlifts are a bit different. These involve a process and involve the following:

  • All batteries are replaced in the drive unit and remotes
  • Cleaning of all major components including;
    • Rollers
    • Upholstery
    • Racking & Pinion
    • Rails & Brackets
    • Plastics & Surfaces
  • Replacement of any worn parts with new ones
  • Extensive testing of all functions of the stairlift

By going through every stairlift we buy back for reconditioning, we are ensuring that every lift that goes back out is in excellent condition. Simply put, we’d be fooling ourselves by not ensuring this is the case as it’s us that have to call back out and waste time fixing something that could of been prevented.

Cost Of a Reconditioned Stair Lift

Our stairlifts range from €995 to €1400 depending on your requirements. Whether you need a stairlift for the left or right side of stairs, an automatic swivel or manual swivel, this feature or that feature – We can supply something perfect for your requirements!

We know that people aren’t made of money, so we ensure that we are competitive across all our stairlift options whether new or used.

Closing Notes

We provide reconditioned stairlifts in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Our installation times generally average around 2-3 hours and we can normally have a reconditioned stair lift installed anywhere in Ireland within a matter of days.

Feel free to Get a Quote with us today for a tailored price on a refurbished stair lift.

You can also browse our range of reconditioned options here.

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