Looking for stairlift prices in Ireland? Read more to see how much a stair lift costs in Ireland with our in depth price and option guide.

Stairlifts can vary in price depending on who you choose and where you go. Today we’ll cover a good bit of information relating to stairlift prices in Ireland. Continue reading to find out more about how much a stairlift can cost.

Throughout this article you will see points where we will refer to “Plus VAT”. Be aware that you are entitled to claim your VAT back on any stairlift installation once the user has an illness or disability, which is an obvious case if someone is going to the bother to buy a stairlift.

So we will guide all prices excluding VAT as this will be what you’ll end up paying once you get the VAT back. It’s also important to note that the prices below are market estimates and does not quote any of our actual prices, you are welcome to get a quote from us for a new stairlift.

Types Of Stairlifts & Prices

Straight Stairlifts

The great thing about straight stairlifts is that there’s a much better price guide when compared to more complex “curved” type stair lifts. Whilst straight stairlift prices can be much easier to predict, we’ve gotten into some more details below to lay things out in the easiest form.

  • Standard Stairlifts
    • If you’re looking for a mainstream standard type stairlift that’s not overloaded with various features then you would expect to pay between €1650 to €2200 plus VAT.
  • Stairlifts With Extra Options
    • As all standard stairlifts come with a manual swivel seat and folding footrest, there’s an option to go for a powered option with these. For example you can buy a straight stairlift with a powered swivel seat that swivels itself when reaching the top of the stairs. The cost of one of these lifts can be expected to be around €2200 to €3200 plus VAT.
    • Some powered options may include:
      • Powered hinge rail which allows the rail to fold away if it’s intruding a doorway at the bottom of the stairs
      • Powered swivel seats will turn the seat with an electric motor at the top of the stairs versus a standard manual swivel seat
      • Powered footrests allow the user to fold the footrest up with a button rather than leaning down to do it each time

Check out our Straight Stairlifts page for a complete overview of what brands Modern Mobility can provide.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are quite hard to price but we’ve put together a close as possible guide below. As curved stairlifts are designed specifically to your stair case with every turn or change in your stairs being accounted for, they can cost more when compared to a straight stairlift price.

  • Common Curved Stairlifts
    • Most bespoke made curved lifts are going up say 10 or 11 steps and turning 90 degrees to the right or left for another 4-5 steps. If you were to get a relatively mid range stairlift you can expect to pay between €4500-€6500 plus VAT.
  • High End Bespoke Curved Stairlifts
    • If you’re living in a house where the stairs is either narrow or highly complex then the price of the stairlift will go up alongside a reduction of brands available due to some of the cheaper models being outside the requirements. Due to the fact that there’s more precision and requirements involved for highly complex stair types you can easily expect to pay anywhere from €6000 to €10,000 depending on the configuration.
    • Sometimes there is a requirement for the stairlift to go up multiple floors with intermittent stops in between then the stairlift could end up costing anywhere from €7000 plus VAT upwards depending on the configuration.
  • Extra Options
    • Most of the standard curved stairlifts come with a manual swivel seat and footrest. There are many upgrade options for most brands and the prices for powered swivel seats and footrests can add roughly an extra €700-€1500 to the price of your new stairlift.
    • It’s worth noting that if you’re getting a highly bespoke stairlift for a certain type of stairs you have, it’s likely that the brand you will be using would be a “high end” type brand that reflects a lot more price but you would normally get options like powered swivel seats as standard without extra cost.

Check out our Curved Stairlifts page for a complete overview of what brands we offer.

Other Useful Points

Below is a few points that might help you in addition to our comprehensive guide on stair lift prices in Ireland. If you have any questions relating to any of this article or would like to discuss stairlift options with us then please feel free to contact us.