We have many types of stairlifts for sale in Ireland

If you’re searching online for stairlifts for sale in Ireland then Modern Mobility might be able to help. We sell many various types of stairlifts in Ireland with fast installation and most importantly – a 2 year full warranty.

Our stair lifts are for sale in Dublin and throughout every county in Ireland with a quote available both over the phone and in the customers house. Most of the time if it’s convenient for the client we will provide a standard over the phone quote so as to give an idea on price without the pressure of having a stairlift sales person standing in your home.

What Types Of Stairlifts For Sale?

Straight Stairlifts

We offer straight stairlifts for sale covering Dublin and the rest of Ireland. If you have a stairs that has no turns or bends then a straight stair lift is the ideal solution. With stairlifts for sale by many companies in Dublin and Ireland, you’ll be sure to get a very competitive price.

Check out our Straight Stairlifts page for a complete overview of what brands Modern Mobility can provide.

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Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are quite hard to price but we’ve put together a close as possible guide below. As curved stairlifts are designed specifically to your stair case with every turn or change in your stairs being accounted for, they can cost more when compared to a straight stairlift.

We provide curved stair lifts for sale but would require a home visit so we can give a proper, thorough quotation.

Check out our Curved Stairlifts page for a complete overview of what brands we offer.

Other Types Of Stair Lifts For Sale

Apart from new curved and straight stairlifts for sale, we also offer reconditioned stair lifts that can be suitable for some customers. Sometimes we are able to offer reconditioned straight stair lifts for sale with fast installation and a 2 year warranty just like our new chairlifts.

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