Stairlifts are a great benefit to people who may be having issues getting up and down the stairs in their home. By having a stairlift fitted in your home, you can carry on living in your own home, a home full of many happy memories with family and friends. Also, for anyone who may be recovering from a serious illness it can really be extremely reassuring to be able to rest and recuperate in the comfort of your own home. As they say, there really is no place quite like home.

Stairlifts can vary in price, depending on your needs and requirements. There are many different optional extras to suit a range of peoples needs. As everyone’s mobility is different, there may be occasions where a person may need some additional extras on their stairlift. An example of this would be someone who has limited use of their hands, they may need a powered swivel seat. A powered swivel seat turns the seat at the top of the stairs using an electric motor unlike the manual swivel seat.

We are a company dedicated to offering a professional service for anyone looking to purchase a stairlift in Ireland. We offer our stairlifts at an affordable price, but the difference with us is there will be no loss of quality or service! We are a company you can trust.

Our Stairlifts

We offer the Acorn range of stairlifts in Ireland. We have both a straight and a curved option from Acorn. So, no matter whether your stairs are straight or has bends and turns we promise there will be an Acorn stairlift suitable for your home.

Acorn stairlifts are one of the leading manufacturers of stairlifts. They are a respected company known for their reliability, safety and simple design. They have been manufacturing stairlifts since 1992. Since then Acorn stairlifts have become one of worlds leading providers of straight and curved stairlifts. Nowadays there is an Acorn stairlift installed every 8 minutes around the world.

Acorn Superglide 130 Straight Stairlift

If the stairs in your home is a straight stairs, then an Acorn Superglide 130 straight stairlift will be the stairlift you need. We provide installations on this straight stairlift throughout Ireland.

The Acorn 130 is a reliable stairlift that has been developed and refined over many years. This stairlift is designed to keep going and is really made to last.

This straight stairlift boasts a simple and elegant design that will blend into your home seamlessly and allow you to continue to enjoy the home you love.

The Acorn 130 stairlift is packed full of features. These features include a seat belt and multiple safety sensors, automatic charging at the top and bottom of the stairs, swivel seat, dual operating toggles, meaning it can be controlled by both hands. The controls are very easy to operate and the stairlift will also come with remotes.

A common misconception is a stairlift won’t work if the electricity goes, but another fantastic feature is this stairlift is battery powered meaning it will work during a power cut.

There are also many additional extras that can be added to this stairlift if required. An example of this would be a hinged rail. If there is a doorway immediately at the bottom of the stairs beside where the stairlift will be parked you will need a hinged rail. A hinged rail is designed to fold up to allow access through the doorway beside the stairs and stops the stairlift rail from being a trip hazard.

To find out more about the Acorn 130 straight stairlift, you can view the product on our website here.

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

If you are looking for a stairlift for a staircase that has bends and turn, then the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift will be the solution for you. Whether you are in Dublin or anywhere else throughout Ireland and are considering a curved stairlift, we can help.

The Acorn 180 stairlift is a curved stairlift that uses a modular design. This is unlike any other curved stairlift on the market. Normally when you purchase a curved stairlift it can take anywhere between 5-6 weeks before the stairlift is installed in your home. This is because the stairlift rail is designed exactly for your stairs.

The Acorn 180 stairlift has a modular design which means the rail for your stairs is made using off the shelf parts that join together to form the entire rail. With this type of design, it means the stairlift can be installed in your home much quicker. The general lead time for our curved stairlifts is normally 2-3 weeks.

The Acorn 180 is a curved stairlift that is full of features and offers a simple design. Some of the key features of this stairlift include multiple safety sensors, a seatbelt, charging automatically at the top and bottom, remotes, manual swivel seat, key for added safety and peace of mind.

There are also additional extras that can be added to the stairlift if required. An example of one of these features include a powered swivel seat. A powered swivel seat is designed to turn automatically using a motor at the top of the stairs. This can be a great benefit for anyone who may have limited use of one or both of their hands.

As with the Acorn 130 the Acorn 180 stairlift is also battery powered. This means you do not need to worry about not being able to use the stairlift during a power cut.

To find out more about the Acorn 180 curved stairlift or to get a free quote visit our website here.

Areas We Cover

We provide straight and curved stairlifts throughout Ireland. Whether you are looking for a straight stairlift in Dublin or a curved stairlift in Cork, we have a solution for you.

We promise to offer fast turnaround times. A standard straight stairlift can be installed within 1-2 days from date of order. Our curved stairlifts, as they are a modular system have one of the fastest turnaround times for a curved stairlift throughout Ireland. We generally can have a curved stairlift installed in your home within 2-3 weeks from the date of order. With many other companies the lead time on having a curved stairlift in your home can generally take 5-6 weeks.

We understand that sometimes there may be an urgency to have the stairlift installed. In these scenarios we promise you we will do our absolute best to have the stairlift installed as soon as possible.

There have been times where our engineers have driven over to the UK to collect a stairlift that was needed urgently for a client. We understand these are difficult times and we will do our very best to make it as easy as possible for you.

Dedicated Stairlift Repair Company

Back in 2018 when we set up our new website, we noticed there was a lot of people struggling to find people to repair their broken down stairlifts. Stairlifts are a vital part of someone’s day to day life if they have mobility issues. It can be very upsetting and even dangerous if their stairlift stops working. So, although there are many companies providing stairlifts in Ireland sometimes some of these companies can be less keen to fix a broken stairlift. That’s where we differ, we care about all our customers – even if you bought your lift elsewhere!

We pride ourselves on offering all our customers a fast and reliable service when it comes to stairlift repairs in Dublin and throughout Ireland. We offer customers a reliable service with a company they can trust. Our engineers have years of experience with a wide range of makes and models.

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